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Acai Freeze-dried RAW ECO

Organic freeze-dried Acai powder

The acai berry is found above all in South America, in the Amazon jungle, where it grows on trees (açaizeiro, or cabbage palm in Swedish) in a belt from Belize down to Brazil. The berries are small and blue-purple and resemble blueberries or blackberries. They have a rich and dark taste – like a mixture between blueberries, olives and chocolate. The berries grow in clumps at the top of the palm and only those of fine quality and full maturity are picked. After they are harvested, the seeds are sorted out and the pulp is immediately freeze-dried (vacuum drying under low temperature), to finally be ground into a dark acaí powder.

The berry itself consists of 90 percent of a core and 10 percent of the pulp.

Acai has become popular as an addition to smoothies and juices, but the fresh berry goes stale quickly. Therefore, most of the acai products on this side of the globe are pasteurized and thus not raw. However, our acai powder is of raw quality and freeze-dried, which means that it has retained more of its nutritional content and enzymatic activity.

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