Why join Organic Sweden? (veronica's copy)

More than ever, we experience how important it is to work together. Organic Sweden is a platform for collaboration with just over 100 members. We work to increase knowledge and commitment to organic food and push for increased sales and exports of organic food and beverages. 

We want more members! Because the more we are, the greater the opportunity we have to influence the debate, pursue the issues that are important to all organic producers - whether it is about joint campaigns, export initiatives or other advocacy work. 

We must protect the food country Sweden with the diversity of small-scale produced food and drink that creates a vibrant countryside. We must protect the smaller organic food producers who work in harmony with nature to promote biodiversity, clean water and living soils.

As a member of Organic Sweden you get access to:

  • Participate in common campaigns which drives organic sales 
  • Access to joint campaign material and communication support 
  • Participate in common export investments and access to a common export concept 
  • Access to a unique network and a meeting place for knowledge exchange 
  • Ongoing updates on News on the eco market in our digital channels 
  • reports and trend scouting about the development of the eco-market 
  • Discount on Organic Swedens conferences and events

Membership fees 2021

Price list for membership in Organic Sweden:

Membership fee
Service charge

Sales <SEK 10 million

500 kr

1250 kr

SEK 1*

Sales SEK 10 - 25 million

500 kr

3500 kr

4 kr

Sales SEK 25 - 50 million

500 kr

7500 kr

8 kr

Sales SEK 50 - 100 million

500 kr

15 kr

16 kr

Sales SEK 100 - 150 million

500 kr

22 kr

22 kr

Sales> SEK 150 million

500 kr

30 000 SEK

30 500 SEK 

Find new sales channels for your organic products!

In the wake of the corona crisis, many food producers have lost their primary customers - restaurants, cafes, hotels and conference facilities. Due to this development has Organic Sweden took the initiative to develop a portal that will help companies find new sales channels. The purpose of the portal is to promote the production and consumption of organic and KRAV-labeled products by connecting your producers with potential buyers in and outside Sweden. 

As a member of Organic Sweden you can expose your brand and your products here on the portal and reach buyers, both here in Sweden and in international markets. The prices below under the column "installation" are a start-up cost while "updates" refers to the cost of each individual update or product that is added. 

Organic Sweden examines all content before it is published on the portal and ensures that the text is correct and that the images live up to a high quality.  

Our services



Company homepage

1900 SEK

SEK 350 (text)

SEK 550 (pictures)

Product pages 


475 SEK 

Image editing



Price list for initiation fee and update: (copy of table to have it saved)

Our servicesStart feeEntry fee for members of Organic SwedenUpdates, for everyone
Company homepage2 500 SEK
freeText: SEK 350
Pictures: 550 SEK
Product page
manually entered
(per product)
150 SEK8 products free150 SEK
Product page
via file import *
(per product)
80 SEK20 products free80 SEK
Image editing
(per image)
250 SEK20 photos for free250 SEK

Prices are excluding VAT.

What do our members say?

“In our neighboring country Denmark, almost all eco-companies are members of Organic Denmark. If we gather in Sweden in the same way, we will get through Organic Sweden a platform for collaboration - not least around campaigns such as EKO-september. Our opportunities to make a big impact increase if we are more like campaigns together. To Organic Sweden has developed a campaign toolbox and strategy for communicating all added value around the organic food and drink we think of Saltå Kvarn is very valuable. ”

- Jonas Regnér, CEO of Saltå Kvarn
“As a small business owner, I experience it as a great member benefit to Organic Sweden forming opinions and pursuing issues that are important to all of us who work with organic food and drink. We who run smaller eco-companies have a lot to gain from working together and within Organic Sweden there is an interesting network of members who have common challenges and work towards the same goal. I can also turn to Organic Sweden to brainstorm ideas and get concrete support with communication and campaigns. ”  

- Kajsa Leander, CEO of Berga Bruk

“If we are to meet our environmental challenges, the climate footprint of food must be reduced and this is something we all need to contribute to. The importance of cooperating organic food producers is greater than ever, and Organic Sweden does a valuable job of representing us all. ”

- Jens Fylkner, Malmö Chokladfabrik