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39 new premium teas on Eko-Portalen

Latest member of Organic Sweden, and which also agrees Eko-Portalen.see, is the Tekompaniet. Thus, 39 new organic quality teas are available at Eko-Portalen. We had a chat with Tekompaniet's CEO Håkan Kjellström. Right now he is charging for Biofach February 13-17.

Tekompaniet's business concept is to offer innovative premium products that are socially, environmentally and financially sustainable with exceptional knowledge and unique commitment. This has been done since 2000. The values ​​are knowledge, commitment and honesty.

- We have unique traceability from tea plant to cup. We make organic and environmentally friendly choices in the entire production chain – from ingredients to packaging. One example is that we even use organic cotton thread in the tea bags, says Håkan.

Tekompaniet's CEO Håkan Kjellström

Håkan emphasizes that Tekompaniet contributes through active projects in the production countries to influence and develop the conditions for people, the environment and wildlife. By kravposition via clear and strict Code of Conducts that also covers all suppliers - all so that the products are as sustainable as possible.

From February 13-17, the world's largest eco-fair, Biofach, is coming up in Nuremberg. It will be the first time that Tekompaniet exhibits at the fair. The tea company is involved in an export venture and a goal with Biofach is to introduce the brands Life by Follisand Follis Classic for a global audience.  

What consumption trends can be discerned when it comes to organic tea?

- We see a strong focus on health. Green tea and herbal teas have the fastest growth. Sustainability and organic continue to increase in importance. The customer demands clear content and traceability. It is also possible to see a shift towards less adventurous and more well-known flavors, says Håkan.

Organic Sweden and Eko-Portalen.se will also be on site with its own stand at Biofach. There we will market all the companies that are on Eko-Portalen for international buyers.

The tea company is pushing for better conditions for those who work in the tea plantations. Here is an example where they switched to lighter baskets for the pickers.