5 insights from the report Nudging for organic in stores 2022's image' News
5 insights from the report Nudging for organic in stores 2022

On Thursday, January 19, we launched the report "Nudging for organic in store 2022", which takes its starting point from a number of store experiments that were carried out in the fall of 2022. The aim was to test and evaluate new communicative approaches to increase sales of organic food and drink. With the report, we want to spread knowledge about how in stores - with relatively simple means - you can get more people to choose sustainable organic alternatives. 

Five insights from the report 

1. Gap between attitude and behavior
Good animal welfare, sustainably produced, without chemical pesticides and without unnecessary additives – added value that organic products deliver – has a high priority among consumers. At the same time, organic ends up far down the list among requested added values. It suggests that there is a gap between attitude and behavior that needs to be addressed. 

2. Too many options lead to electoral collapse
When consumers are presented with too many options at the same time, it risks leading to "choice collapse", i.e. being faced with too many choices and as a result staying in the "status quo" or refraining from choosing at all. 

3. Cumulative exposure brings advantages and disadvantages
Sometimes organic and vegetarian options are placed in the same place. Aggregate exposure makes it easy for loyal customers to find, but harder for new customers and creates less potential for impulse buying. 

4. Visible the effect to increase ECO
We made visible the effect of choosing organic by highlighting organic production's contribution to increased biodiversity - that there is an average of 50 percent greater species richness of pollinators and plants on organic farms. The message was activated on colorful floor decals. However, it did not have a significant effect on sales by itself, but delivered strong results in combination with changed placement. 

5. Big increase in sales with new location
We changed the placement for both Saltå Kvarns and Smakis products. They were moved from their native shelves to the fruit and vegetable section, which generated sales increases of 65 and 164 percent, respectively.

Download the report here

About the project 
The report "Nudging for organic in store 2022" is part of the Nudging Organic project - a three-year project that aims to increase sales of organic food by developing new innovative methods to drive sustainable behavior change in stores. Behind the investment is Organic Sweden and the organic industry organizations Pro Luomo in Finland, Bionext in the Netherlands and BioForum in Belgium. The project is financed to most of the EU. In Sweden, the campaign is supported by five food companies; Swedish Temptations (Bärta), Saltå Kvarn, Smakis, Dava Foods (Farm eggs) and Arla Foods. Photographer: John-Daniel Isaksson