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Almnäs Bruk - Organic craft cheese with identity and history

South of Hjo in Västergötland is located Almnäs Bruk where they have produced aged cheeses since the 1830s. Among other things, the popular cheeses Wrångebäck and Almnäs Tegel which restaurants and wine bars around Sweden and other parts of the world proudly serve to their guests. 

Almnäs Bruk has a past that dates back to the 1200th century and the dairy is several hundred years old. For several hundred years, the cow has left its mark on the landscape around Almnäs. And even today, the grazing cows contribute to the cultural landscape being open and varied and have a great species richness of different plants, flowers, bumblebees and bees.

It was in 2008 that Thomas Berglund, fourth generation Berglund on the farm, resumed cheese making after a break of 45 years. Twelve years later, Almnäs cheeses are now available in selected delicatessens and cheese shops around the country and also in several restaurants. A large part, about 30 percent, of the production is also exported to, among other places, the USA.

Almnäs Bruk produces four cheeses - Almnäs Tegel, Wrångebäck, Anno 1225 and Almnäs 1 liter - all made from organic and unpasteurized milk from the farm's cows. 

Brief facts about Almnäs Bruk

Run by: Thomas Berglund

Focus: Dairy & cheese making

Uniqueness: Swedish organic on milk from grass-grazing cows