Bärta turns organic peas into creative taste sensations 'image' Product News
Bärta turns organic peas into creative taste sensations

As the interest in vegetarian diets spreads, the store shelves are filled with more and more plant-based alternatives. Despite the fact that the supply is growing rapidly, few products are made from Swedish organic raw materials. A unique exception, however, is the Swedish brand Bärta, whose products consisting of sprouted Swedish yellow peas have won both awards and the hearts of many.

For Pia Qvarnström, the founder behind Bärta, it was above all tempeh - a traditional dish from Indonesia that, just like tofu, is made from fermented soybeans - that inspired her to explore new ways of refining Swedish organic peas.

Today, the range consists of four different organic products with different shapes and character - Raw & Natural for those who want to be responsible for the seasoning, Burger Umami for those who are looking for a very special taste sensation, Chili & Lime for those who appreciate the spice palette of Asian cuisine and finally Alspan smoked for those who like classic Swedish flavors in a new vintage. In addition to offering pleasant taste experiences, the products are rich in both fiber and protein. 

The products are sold today in over 300 stores in Sweden and there are plans to reach consumers outside the country's borders as well.

Brief facts about Bärta
Powered by: Pia Qvarnström
Focus: Breeding of organic legumes
Uniqueness: Swedish, plant-based and organic