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Welcome to Eco-breakfasts in southern Sweden

During the spring and early summer we come up with Organic Sweden to arrange eight eco-breakfasts in southern Sweden. We do this within the project More Eco which is run by the County Boards i Skåne, Blekinge, Halland and Kronoberg.

The eco-breakfasts are aimed at those who work with the sale of organic food and drink to consumers and who are interested in more sustainable food production. Maybe you work in a grocery store, cafe or restaurant and want to learn more about organic production and why choosing eco makes a difference.

In addition to offering breakfast with organic goodies, an eco-breakfast contains three main points:

  • Presentation of organic production and its added value. This point stands Organic Sweden and an eco farmer for.
  • An organic food company or grocery store presents its business and why they work with eco.
  • Organic Sweden informs and encourages ahead of the 2024 campaign Eko-september.

The eco-breakfasts will be held on site at organic food companies or grocery stores. All the dates are not ready yet, but the following eco-breakfasts have been confirmed and can be signed up for via the link below.

This page will be updated as dates for more eco-breakfasts are determined.

For questions, contact project manager Elias Kvarnbäck
M: 070-4055481
E: elias.kvarnback@organicsweden.se