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Ecological future day 2021

This year, the Organic Future Day will be held on 28 October with the theme "the road to a sustainable food system".


What does the road to the sustainable food system of the future look like? What role can organic production play in the transition? And how do we get consumers on the journey? These are some of the many questions that will be addressed during this year's edition of Ecological Future Day.

Ecological Future Day 2021 is organized by Organic Sweden, KRAV and Ekologiska Lantbrukarna. It is free to participate. 


Keynote: Why organic is at the heart of the European Commission's strategy for sustainable food systems

The morning will be opened by Henri Delanghe, Deputy Head of the Organics Unit at the European Commission. Henri will talk about why the European Commission has identified organic farming as one of the most important building blocks in the transition to a sustainable food system in Europe. After the presentation, we open up for questions from the audience. The lecture will be held in English.

Panel discussion on The sustainable food

We invite you to a panel discussion based on KRAVs report "The sustainable food" which was launched earlier this spring. With the help of some experts, we will dig deeper into the complicated food selection and dispel myths about sustainable food.

From words to action - Sweden's growth plan for eco

Sweden is a world leader in organic. Only a few countries in the world have a higher proportion of organic agricultural land or higher consumption per capita. How do we take advantage of our unique position? Like the European Commission, how can we use eco as a tool in the transition to a sustainable food system? And how much does sales need to increase in different categories in order for Sweden's area target of increased organic production to be achieved? These issues will be at the center of a panel discussion in which the grocery trade, food companies and other important players in the food chain participate.

EKO-september 2021 - How did it go?

For the third year in a row has Organic Sweden, Ekologiska Lantbrukarna and Swedish Consumers in collaboration with KRAV arranged EKO-september. The campaign has in a short time established itself as Sweden's broadest campaign for organic and KRAV-marked. What effect has it had on consumers, sales and the industry at large, and what are the plans for the coming years? We will answer these questions and more in addition during the Ecological Future Day.

Registration is on KRAVs website