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Export of organic a growing billion market

Exports of organic and KRAV-labelled foods are growing and now have a turnover of just over one billion a year. A new report identifies the hottest markets for future exports.

Exports of organic and KRAV-labelled foods are estimated to amount to close to SEK 1,2 billion in 2017. This is 2,4 percent of the total Swedish exports of food, excluding re-exports from Norway. It shows a new report that the consulting company Macklean made on behalf of Organic Sweden and KRAV. The trend is upwards compared with previous years' surveys.

In addition to China is identified Denmark, Germany, France and the United Kingdom as particularly interesting markets with great growth in the future for Swedish exports of organic and KRAV-labeled goods. The categories of food that are mainly exported from Sweden are coffee, cereals and bread, berries and jams, other beverages and baby food.

Charlotte Bladh André is the CEO of the industry association Organic Sweden working to increase the export of organic and KRAV-labeled foods. She highlights China as a market with great potential for Swedish companies.

- In China, there is a large consumer group that is willing to pay extra for foods that are organic. Swedish products are considered sustainable, healthy, natural and credible. If they are also organically certified, it is a guarantee that the added value is in the products, says Charlotte Bladh André.

In the report, the companies lift two factors that are particularly important for the success of exports. First, a local presence in the export market is required to obtain customer contacts and knowledge of the market. Secondly, it is important to continue marketing Sweden in order to strengthen the image of Swedish organic food.

- Demand is high for organic and KRAV-certified products around the world and many want to invest now. Through exports, we ensure safer profitability for Swedish KRAV-certified farmers and companies, says Cecilia Lenbäck, acting sales manager at KRAV.

Facts: Export of organic food

  • The total Swedish exports of food amounted to 47,6 billion in 2016. (Excluding seafood, as this mainly consists of re-exports from Norway.)
  • The value of it KRAV-labeled and organic exports are estimated at 1,2 billion in 2017. This is 2,4 percent of the total Swedish exports of food (excluding re-exports from Norway). Some companies in the survey reported their sales in 2016, while others reported sales in October 2016 - September 2017.
  • Organic exports have increased by 20 percent compared with the survey in the previous Export Report. About half of the increase is due to companies that have also previously participated reporting an increase in exports. The rest is explained by the fact that more companies have contributed data to this year's Export Report.
  • Share KRAV-certified by organic exports amounts to just over 40 percent.
  • The export report has been produced by the consulting company Macklean on behalf of KRAV and Organic Sweden. It is based on telephone interviews with 27 Swedish companies, both large and small eco-producers and exporters. The interviews were conducted in the autumn of 2017.

More statistics and tips for successful exports can be found in Export report 2017.

Photos: Almnäs Bruk