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"Better" products from Eguale and Four O’Clock

Eko-Portalen.se has become significantly richer in luxury products now that Sackeus the fair trade company has come in with coffee, tea and chocolate. When you buy a product from Eguale or Four O’Clock you can be absolutely sure that they have done everything to ensure that the product you receive has contributed to an improved life situation for the grower. 

Eguale is a brand with more than thirty years of work for fair trade, with the aim of stimulating sustainable development and fighting poverty. Eguale coffee, tea and chocolate are available in many good flavors. All products have been developed with the greatest possible consideration for people and the environment.

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Four O'Clock is a true Fair Trade brand in tea. First out in Canada to launch the first Fairtrade tea, Earl Gray, in 2003. The brand was founded in 1992 when the owner sat in a cafe in London and heard Big Ben hit four times. The range today consists of just over 20 different flavors.

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