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Gray is too old too Melins

With campaign phrases like Gray is the new pink, want for example KRAV pay attention to the nitrite-free, KRAV-labelled Christmas ham. And for many, a gray-toned ham is probably something you need to get used to, but for Melins however, the Christmas ham has always been gray and without added nitrite.

Melins has produced KRAV-labeled meat and charcuterie since 1987 when animal products could start KRAV-marked. Melins started with lamb and sheep breeding in the forests in northern Ångermanland. Gradually, they have developed into a wholesaler that can deliver to businesses throughout Sweden, of which several customers belong to the gastronomic restaurant elite. As the range has grown, however, the focus on natural preservation methods and ingredients has remained rock solid. Given the meat traditions that exist around Christmas in Sweden, December is of course a hectic time for Melins. Partly to fix deliveries, partly to market and earnestly remind us why we should choose nitrite-free charcuterie and Christmas ham. The fall of 2018 sounded KRAV examine consumers' attitudes towards nitrite-free ham. 48 percent then answered that they want to buy a nitrite-free ham. In actual sales, however, the nitrite-free organic Christmas ham accounts for a maximum of a couple of percent of the total sales of Christmas ham. Thus the persistent forces are needed, which Melins, which year after year stands up for the organic Christmas ham. Not just because they niched themselves in KRAV-marked, nitrite-free Christmas ham, but also so that more pigs will have an outdoor life with soil on their face in the summer

Since the autumn of 2021, a large part of Melins assortment on Eko-Portalen.

Brief facts about Melins
Driven by: Benny and Johan Melin (father and son).
Focus: Swedish, organic, and KRAV-marked meat and charcuterie. Both own production and distribution of other people's organic products.
Unicitet: Charcuterie and Christmas ham free from nitrite and other E-numbers.