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Information about Assignment Review report

Assignment Review has published an outrageous program on animal welfare on a number KRAV-certified farms and slaughterhouses. It's awful to see pictures of animals suffering. This is not how it should look on any farm.

On 99 percent of all 2 active KRAVfarms with animals, the public control has resulted in zero injunctions the last three years, according to a compilation of KRAV.

Farmers who choose to KRAV-certify their farms voluntarily undertake to follow rules that are stricter than Swedish animal legislation. Common is one big commitment for animals to have an outlet for their natural needs and behaviors, such as being outdoors in the fresh air to graze, roost and peck in real soil.

KRAVs regulations also mean that farmers get more controls - at least 1-2 inspections per year compared with approximately one visit every ten years according to Swedish animal legislation. This increases the chances of finding malpractice and ensuring good animal husbandry.

Assignment Review shows that a number of farms have been able to mismanage their animal husbandry. Therefore calls now KRAV that the certification companies, which inspect the farms, should be able to take part in the inspections carried out by the County Administrative Board. In this way, the certification companies could immediately make extra checks on farms that misbehaved to follow up that measures are taken, or to withdraw their certificates.

Continue to support organic farmers who work for better animal husbandry every day. Feel free to share this post and the information from KRAV - and shop organically - not least when you buy meat and dairy products!

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