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Increased interest in organic rapeseed oil

In early summer it is framed Gunnarshögs Gård of golden yellow fields. For many, the image of a Scanian agricultural landscape. What is it then that shines so yellow - yes, it's rapeseed of course! Gunnarshögs Gård is also one of Sweden's largest processing companies of organic cold-pressed rapeseed oil. The business has grown and last year two new oil presses were installed, which means that capacity is tripled and that it is now possible to press up to 25 liters per day. In addition to cold-pressed rapeseed oil, roasted rapeseed and flaxseed oil are also offered. The farm also works with nature and meal tourism. In connection with cultivations and pressing, a farm café, farm shop and farm tours are offered, among other things.

From the idyll on Gunnarshögs Gård the step to the war in Ukraine can feel far. But with increased concern in the outside world, it is still reasonable that Sweden's food preparedness increases. Here, organic farming has advantages in the form of reduced dependence on imported inputs such as fertilizers and pesticides. About this has, among others, the farmer Bengt Edsgård recently written. When it comes to cooking oil, the war in Ukraine leaves its mark. According to the National Organic Association in Denmark, 20 percent of the import of oilseeds into the EU comes from Ukraine. Russia is also a major producer of the world's sunflower oil.

Erik Nilsson on Gunnarshögs Gård has already noticed a changing market for cooking oil:

- We have received customers who previously said that it is not possible to use our cold-pressed rapeseed oil in their processed products. Now that the market is changing, they are ready to try something new. They have been amazed at how well it works.

When it comes to food preparedness, there is also another great advantage with rapeseed.

- Rapeseed can be stored for a couple of years after harvest without them becoming bad. Then just push when needed. This is the difference compared to, for example, olive oil, where it is urgent to squeeze the olives after harvest so that the olives are not spoiled, says Erik.

Gunnarshögs Gård is also available at Eko-Portalen, where you can discover their innovative organic range.

Brief facts about Gunnarshögs Gård:

Driven by: The Nilsson family since 1897 (Anja & Erik, Lisbeth and Gunnar)
Cold pressing and processing of rapeseed and flaxseed oil
Owns the entire chain from seed to bottle. Not many food producers who are both processors and farmers.