Kickoff for EKO-september 2023's image' News
Kickoff for EKO-september 2023

Now we prepare for EKO-september 2023 – the recurring campaign for organic food and drink in Sweden. The campaign month when we together raise the profits with organic and KRAV-marked. 

Under EKO-september coming Organic Sweden, Ekologiska Lantbrukarna, Sweden's Consumers and KRAV to display the campaign in grocery stores. We will spread it on social media, advertise outdoors, in newspapers and magazines.

Within the scope of EKO-september we will also arrange roundtable discussions, work with PR and create debate - both locally and regionally! A large number of activities will also take place outside Ekologiska Lantbrukarnas farms. 


During the kickoff, we talk together with Ekologiska Lantbrukarna, Sweden's Consumers and KRAV about what happens underneath EKO-september 2023. You will also receive advice and tips on how your company can participate.

Here you can register for the kickoff.