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Klypan tests itself to the right eco-hops

In Dalsland, Glenn Johansson runs Klypan Humleodling och Skogsvård. Even though Glenn planted his first hop plants in 2016, hops have been grown for a long time in Sweden. For today's Swedish eco-growers of hops, there are still challenges in the form of infestation by pests and relatively low yields. That's why Glenn is now experimenting with more refined German hop varieties.

"I hope that the German varieties will be a good complement to the Swedish varieties. The hope with the new varieties is that they will be more resistant, give a higher yield, and also higher content of alpha and beta acids, which gives the beer its right character, "says Glenn.

The harvest of the hop cones takes place in August and September and this year's harvest is largely already sold out. Glenn adds, however, that there may be little to sell if the hop crop is cleared. Klypan Humleodling does not have contract cultivation, but relies on regular customers who return year after year. At present, hop cultivation of about 0,5 hectares is carried out on 1300-1400 plants. If the cultivation technology is improved and the test with the German varieties is successful, the ambition is to increase production. Not least considering that Swedish breweries often have problems finding Swedish organic hops. In the new regulation for organic production (2018/848) from 2022, it will also be more difficult to obtain an exemption for the content of conventional raw materials in composite organic products. More about this can be found here: https://www.livsmedelsverket.se/foretagande-regler-kontroll/regler-for-livsmedelsforetag/kontroll-och-markning-av-ekologisk-mat/konventionella-ingredienser

Klypan Humleodling is also included Eko-Portalen. And as Glenn can hopefully expand both hop varieties and quantity, the hope is that Eko-Portalen leads to more contacts and business with breweries.

Brief facts about Klypan Humleodling & Skogsvård

Driven by: Glenn Johansson
Focus: Hop cultivation, blueberry cultivation, forest management and plant cultivation
Uniqueness: Swedish-grown organic hops, with a great understanding of biological diversity.