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Communication guide on organic food

With the aim of making it easier for you who are to market or in some other way communicate whether organic food in commercial contexts has Organic Sweden and Ekologiska Lantbrukarna produced a Communication Guide. 

The communication guide is aimed at the entire food chain - farmers, food companies, wholesalers, restaurants and grocery stores. The guide presents 7 coated added values ​​that the concept of organic production entails, and the added values ​​that come with 9 different categories of food. Each has a brief background information as well as examples of benefits or added value with organic food production and guides you on how statements and expressions can be used - or should be avoided.

  • The guide gives examples of statements that can be used in the exact wording that is presented
  • It provides examples of sources and references (research reports, etc.) that support the claims
  • It also provides examples of statements and formulations that commercial actors should avoid with reference to the Marketing Act

In the Communication Guide, you can easily pick up messages and wording for advertisements, packaging or for your website. Content and claims are scientifically substantiated and legally reviewed.

Important to remember

Food marketing is high krav on credibility and it is always the advertiser who is ultimately responsible for the claim being proven in the individual case. Therefore, avoid exaggerations and general statements and refer to sources. Also keep in mind that valid statements used in a particular context can be considered misleading in another case, for example depending on the image displayed or the product in question. Decisive is what the target group gets for an impression in an overall assessment in the individual case.

Download Guide for communication about organic foods.

Ekologiska Lantbrukarna and Organic Sweden stands together as the sender of the Communication Guide.


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