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Launch of Nudging for organic in store in 2023

On January 24, we will launch the report Nudging for organic in stores 2023. The report takes its starting point from a number of store experiments that were carried out in the fall of 2023. The purpose of the effort was to test and evaluate new communicative approaches to increase sales of organic food and beverages. With the report, we want to spread knowledge about how in stores - with relatively simple means - you can get more people to choose sustainable organic alternatives.


09.00 – 09 Presentation of the project Nudging Organic
Charlotte Bladh André and Anton Järild on Organic Sweden tells about the project.

09.15 – 09 Presentation of behavioral insights and the nudge tools
Linda Lindström, behavioral strategist at the agency Beteendelabbt, presents the autumn store experiment, the results and what lessons we can learn.

09.35:10 – 00:XNUMX Panel discussion with food companies
A panel of food companies that participated in the store experiments share their insights and experiences connected to the project and store communication in general.

5 min break

10.05 - 10 Question Time
Anton and Linda discuss the results and open up to questions from the audience.

10.25 – 11:00 Summary & next step
Anton and Charlotte summarize and talk about how the project will be taken further during

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