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Successful apple premiere bore fruit

15 tons of organic apples sold in one day - that is the successful result of the Organic Apple Premiere at Stora Juleboda farm which took place on Wednesday (25/8) last week. The premiere variety Discovery, the apple variety that ripens earliest on Swedish organic farms, has now sold out at Marcus Callenbring, fruit grower at Stora Juleboda farm.

- I'm overwhelmed! There has been a huge interest from wholesalers. Now all Discovery is on its way out - from this week, customers all over the country will be able to buy Swedish organic apples in their stores, says Marcus Callenbring at Stora Juleboda farm.

“There are never any Swedish organic apples in my shop. Where can I buy them?" is a common question from consumers. But the good supply of Swedish organic fruit means that this year there will be plenty of Swedish organic apples, also other varieties, such as Katja, Aroma, Rubinola and Ingrid Marie will be delivered as they ripen.

- This year, Swedish organic apples are just a call away, says Marcus, who urges consumers to ask for Swedish organic apples in their stores. And since we had a summer with a lot of sunshine this year, the apples are also extra good, Marcus concludes at Stora Juleboda farm.

It is not just the sun that makes the Swedish organic apples tastier. Organic apples taste better because they grow more slowly and each tree bears fewer fruits. It simply leads to a higher taste intensity / more taste and aroma per cultivated apple. Something that Frida Nilsson, award-winning star chef who also participated in the Organic Apple Premiere, noticed.

- I choose organic from the heart and for sustainability reasons. I think it is obvious that you both want and should eat as clean as possible, one hundred percent naturally, both for your own health and to protect the environment, says Frida Nilsson, chef and head of sustainability issues within the ESS group.

Frida Nilsson, who on a daily basis is head of sustainability issues within the ESS group, believes that these are issues that we must all be observant of and take responsibility for.

- We are the customer - regardless of whether we are private individuals, restaurants or shops - who control demand. If we do not actively choose to ask for and buy Swedish organic raw materials, yes, then Swedish growers will not be able to grow organically and take responsibility for the environment, says Frida, who believes that by asking for Swedish organic fruit and vegetables we contribute to working for that we achieve the UN's environmental goals.

Sales of organic food increased until 2017, but since then the development has stagnated. Corona and the restrictions to reduce the spread of infection hit hard on the café and restaurant industry, which are large and important customers for organic fruit and vegetable growers. Today, 17 percent of all apples grown in Sweden are in organic production, but only a very small proportion of the apples we buy in stores are Swedish-grown and organic.

About the Organic Apple Premiere

The Organic Apple Premiere is one of the activities arranged within the framework of Känn Lugnet - a campaign that tells you what you get and contributes to when you choose organic fruits, vegetables and dairy products. The project includes supporting the players in the food chain who lost sales during the corona crisis. Behind the campaign is Organic Sweden and Ekologiska Lantbrukarna in collaboration with Föreningen Sörmlandsäpplen. The campaign is largely funded by the EU. The remaining funding comes from Svensk Dagligvaruhandel - ICA, Coop, Axfood, Bergendahls and Lidl as well as Martin & Servera, Menigo, Arla Foods, Norrmejerier, Falköpings Mejeri, Sju Gårdar, Svenska Odlarlaget and Östra Fornås.

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