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More grass gives better meat

In the marketing of food, it is often the place / region that is used to emphasize the quality of the product and to a lesser extent how the food has been produced. But when it comes to certain product categories, such as meat, we see internationally and also in Sweden that how is beginning to have as great an importance as where.

One such example is Gröna Gårdar which through its network of about 40 farms in western Sweden offers hanging meat from grass-bred animals. On their website, where a large part of the sales take place, they report on both the quality and sustainability aspects of animals that are allowed to graze. Those interested can even read about the different plant species (timothy, white clover, lady's tooth, etc.) that are included in the animals' feed and how it affects the meat's taste and marbling. On the company's website, you can also get to know the different farms and organic farmers who raise the animals.

Gröna Gårdars range consists of four different parts:

  • Refined products as a variety of sausages, liver pate, broth, beef fat, liver pate and cheese
  • Finished meat boxes with everything from finer piece details to ground beef, pork, sheep, lamb and even a little more unusual alternatives such as fallow deer and red deer
  • Individual piece details for those who want to compose their own box
  •  Organs and bones of pork, chicken, lamb or beef

Brief facts about Gröna Gårdar
Run by: Märta Jansdotter and co-workers
Focus: Beef, lamb and pork from organic farms
Uniqueness: Meat boxes with meat from animals raised on grass and herbs