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Now we make it easier for smaller companies with organic products

Organic Sweden wants to make it easier for start-ups and smaller companies with organic and KRAV-branded products to participate in Eko-Portalen.see.

Organic Sweden changes in the price list for membership and Eko-Portalen. The change is made with the intention of making it easier for smaller eco-companies that want to collaborate to reach the market with their products. We want to connect with smaller and newly established actors who have a great commitment to eco, says Charlotte Bladh André, CEO at Organic Sweden.

This applies from 2023

Companies with an annual turnover of less than SEK 5 million are offered Eko-Portalen and membership for SEK 1750, which means that the cost of joining has been reduced by SEK 2500.

Om Eko-Portalen

Eko-Portalen is a digital service from Organic Sweden who want to make it easier for buyers at all levels to find organic and KRAV-branded products in and from Sweden. The food companies presented in Eko-Portalen.see get their own page to present their company and brand. This includes company description, contact details, products, links to your website and webshop, as well as video and images describing the company.

Eko-Portalen is intended for all Swedish companies that sell organic food products and raw materials in B2B to grocery stores, restaurants and kitchens, industry or as a private brand. Eko-Portalen does not address consumers directly.

Om Organic Sweden 

Organic Sweden is the platform for all actors in the organic market who want to collaborate for increased sales and exports of organic and KRAV-labeled foods.

As a member of Organic Sweden do you seem to:

  • Increase commitment, knowledge and sales of organic food and drink
  • Create the conditions for increased exports of organic food from Sweden through the joint export initiatives that Organic Sweden participates in
  • Accelerate the transition to more sustainable food production and increased food preparedness based on the ecological principles – health, ecology, justice and care
  • Give the organic food market a strong voice in the social debate and in the dialogue with the government and authorities regarding the industry's conditions
  • Improve the monitoring and reporting of the development of the organic food market in Sweden and internationally

As a member of Organic Sweden you get:

  • Participate in and influence joint ventures for increased sales and exports, for example campaigns, export fairs and conferences
  • Environmental monitoring and trend scouting on topics related to the development of the organic food market via member-exclusive newsletter
  • Invitations to competence-enhancing seminars, for example on how to communicate the benefits of organic to different target groups
  • Invitations to member meetings where we discuss current issues relating to challenges, opportunities and trends in the organic food and drink market
  • Advice on how investments in organic can strengthen your company's sustainability work
  • Invitation to the Ecological Future Day, Organic Swedens annual conference.

Contact if you are interested in becoming a member and being seen Eko-Portalen.