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Organic Sweden is looking for collaboration with research companies for a new project

As we have previously written about shall Organic Sweden carry out a three-year project that will promote organic food and drink in stores. We are now looking for a survey company that can help us conduct a series of consumer surveys during the project.

The project that goes by the working name "Nudging Organic"aims to 1) increase sales of organic and KRAV-labelled foods in the grocery trade and 2) increase awareness, recognition and trust in organically certified foods. Nudging Organic will also contribute to the goal of 25 percent organic agricultural area in the EU by 2030, which was presented in the European Commission's report Farm to Fork Strategy. Today, Sweden's organic agricultural area is about 20 percent and the EU average is just over 8 percent. 

To complete the project apply Organic Sweden now after a research company that can help us conduct a series of surveys linked to consumer confidence, knowledge and attitude to the organic certifications. The surveys will be conducted in 2022, 2023 and 2024. 

Contact for a more detailed job description. This is part of a procurement procedure where several potential partners are given the opportunity to submit a quote. The project funds most of the EU. Deadline for bidding is June 28.