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Organic Sweden takes over KRAVs export work

Through a new cooperation agreement leaves KRAV over the main responsibility for the export of organic and KRAV-labelled foods to Organic Sweden.

The two organizations have long worked to promote exports in their respective directions. Now want KRAV and Organic Sweden streamline work to make it easier for more companies to reach out with theirs KRAV-certified and organic products in new markets.

KRAV and Organic Sweden has entered into a cooperation agreement to work more efficiently with the export of organic and KRAV-labeled foods. The two organizations have long worked to promote exports in their respective directions. KRAV has built up a presence at three major international fairs while Organic Sweden among other things, has worked to bring the industry together around a common export strategy.

The change means that they food companies that export KRAV-labeled and organic foods now get a clear player to relate to instead of two. At the same time takes Organic Sweden more than KRAVs work to conduct the fairs Nordic Organic Food Fair in Malmö, Biofach in Nuremberg and NOPA in Hong Kong.

- KRAV and Organic Sweden has had a good and close cooperation for a long time. Now we are refining our roles to be able to give more companies support in reaching out with their organic and KRAV-labeled products. We will continue our presence at important international fairs and build up networks with customers and channels in priority markets, says Charlotte Bladh Andre, CEO Organic Sweden.

During the firstparts of 2018 is coming KRAV to make a major effort to hand over its export work to Organic Sweden, above all to get the work of the international fairs to continue at a fast pace. Organic Sweden will also continue the collaboration with Business Sweden, which was recently commissioned by the government to support the export of Swedish organic food.

From KRAVOn the other hand, we are keen to find common forms in the industry that benefit them KRAV-labelled and organic companies, and that the work is run by the actors who are best suited. This is an excellent example, where it was previously unclear who was responsible for what - now we remove these question marks, says Anita Falkenek, CEO of KRAV.

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