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Report from Nordic Organic Food Fair

We look back at one of this year's eco highlights: Nordic Organic Food Fair! The Nordics' largest fair for organic food and drink took place in Malmö on November 15-16. The official number of visitors has just been published and there were 3510 people who visited the fair.

We had a very good location near the entrance, which meant that most people who entered the fair passed our stand. There we highlighted Eko-Portalen and 27 (!) companies connected to the portal. We are very happy about the great interest from all the companies that wanted to be part of the stand. There was a nice breadth of categories and brands. Many sent taste samples so that we had the opportunity to offer everything from organic soft drinks to coffee, tea, buns, sweets, chocolate and good oils in the stand.

Next to our stand for Eko-Portalen stood KRAV, Ekomatcentrum and another seven companies that chose to have their own stands in the Swedish pavilion.

Companies and products in Eko-portalens stand

This spring Eko-Portalenstand, we exhibited products from the companies below. Next to us in the Swedish gathering pavilion also stood Munkagrodden, Nordic Seafarm, Star Eggs, Bakers, Yipin, Mossagården, KRAV and Ekomatcentrum. Thank you to those of you who sent products to our stand. We hope it leads to new business for you!
•    Bager's
•    Biofood
• Beanland
•    Camelina of Sweden
• Dava Foods
•    Eguale
•    Ekopallen
• Four O'Clock
•    Green Bakery
•    Gunnarshögs gård
• Honey of Sweden
• Högtorp farm
•    JOM
• Jussö Ekogård
•    Malmö Chokladfabrik
• Moonvalley
•    Mossagården
• Nordic Chocolate
•    Saltå Kvarn
•    Saturnus
•    Smakis
• Solmarka bakery
•    Sänkdalens glass
•    Tistelvind
• Thirst
• Unna
•    Värpinge Grön
• Yipin

Panels and discussions

During the fair days, we also took part on stage in a few different contexts. Charlotte was part of "The Big Organic Debate" and discussed the development of organic production and consumption in the Nordics with our sister organizations in Denmark, Norway, Finland and Iceland.

Another exciting panel discussion was entitled "How to unleash the power of communication". It was Midsona who invited to talk about campaigns and communication about organic food and drink. We started from Midsona's new acclaimed eco campaign and concluded that communication about eco needs to be simple, inclusive and addressed to a wider audience to make a difference.
Another important mission at the fair was to award first prize to Skräddarbacksskolan in Borlänge for their achievement in serving the children school meals that are 68% both Swedish and organic! Behind the price stands Ekologiska Lantbrukarna and Ekomatcentrum.

NOFF moves to Stockholm 

In connection with the fair, the fair organizer Diversified announced that the 2024 NOFF will move to Kistamässan in Stockholm. More information about the move is available to read here.