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The chefs on Simple Feast need no fake meat

If you have not seen Maximilian Lundin cook or talk about food on TV lately, it may be because he has been fully occupied with his latest passion - Simple Feast!

Max says that it previously felt like working in the gastronomic periphery when he worked with vegetarian and plant-based food. To now be able to work together with like-minded people who are passionate about the same idea, he describes as being in Shangri La. With his cooking background, he also knows how important it is that the plant-based food tastes really good!
"We have a bunch of chefs from the top gastronomic layer who sit in Copenhagen and Los Angeles and develop recipes day in and day out. It is at the level of detail that we develop new dishes. This is where we win every time, the taste. It is unbeatable ", says Maximilian.

To get more companies, which produce plant-based ready meals and products, to choose organic, Maximilian thinks like this:
"Think of talent instead of expensive raw materials. If you have really good product developers and give them turnips and wheat grains, then they should be able to produce someone really good. Focusing on whole products, processed and exclusive origins is an easy but expensive way."

January is also the time when our New Year's promises are manifested and perhaps put to the test. For those who have told themselves to eat a larger portion of the plant kingdom, Maximilian has the following advice:
"Always start step by step. Start by halving the amount of meat and doubling the amount of vegetables. After two weeks, halve the meat again but replace the amount with some pre-cooked bean or lentil. Now add some tasty dressing, stir or sauce so that it becomes good. After another two weeks - remove meat completely from everyday life and treat yourself to more but better meat on Saturday and Sunday evenings. "

Simple Feast sells its ready-made plant-based meal bags directly to the consumer. In 2021, they also launched a series in Comfort Food that can be ordered separately or together with the meal bags. The goal of the Comfort Food series is also to start selling it in retail. Examples of Comfort Food from Simple Feast available at Eko-Portalen. However, in order to offer their customers taste contrasts, as well as adapt to the season, the recipes and dishes are changed once a month.