Reconnaissance - Meal culture following the image of the Corona restrictions' News
Reconnaissance - Meal culture after the Corona restrictions

In connection with the launch of the Organic Annual Report at the end of February, we considered a number of investigations for the eco-market at the office.

The surveys generally focus on the spirit of the times and how ecologically both it affects and is affected by it. In the near future, we will present such a reconnaissance a week.

When the communications agency Food and Friends released its trend survey for 2022, neither we nor they knew that the Covid 19 restrictions would be lifted as early as February.

In Food and Friends' trend research, a pendulum is still visible about how they think people will react to the alleged restrictions. On the one hand, the pendulum swings that we have become accustomed to certain behaviors that the pandemic has brought with it, such as social distancing and stricter hygiene around the dining table. On the other hand, the pendulum swings that we want to let go of things that the pandemic has prevented us from, for example more finger food (can you see what it is in the picture ??) and large dinner parties. No matter how the pendulum swings, it has bearing on what, where, when and with whom we eat. Of course, this also affects specific product categories within organic.

Of course, how we handle the abolished restrictions differs between individuals, but many, including Visita, believe that outdoor eating will increase as a result of the abolished restrictions. Here, it is important for producers and food service wholesalers to be on their toes to campaign and market the organic range. We want to understand that the community that many are now looking for around the dinner table also includes a community with the diversity of animals, plants and other organisms that benefit from increased organic production.