Strong growth in the eco market despite lack of fruit & vegetables 'image' News
Strong growth in the eco market despite a shortage of fruit & vegetables

With sales growth of 7-8% in the first half of the year, the Swedish eco-market continues to break new records EkoWeb's half-year report.

 If the market continues to develop at the same pace, sales of organic products are estimated to amount to as much as SEK 27,4 billion by the end of the year.

EkoWeb's report also emphasizes that growth in retail has been somewhat hampered due to the lack of imported fruit & vegetables, which in turn has been caused by failed harvests abroad. According to the report at Systembolaget (+ 18%), we find the largest percentage increase for the first half of the year (followed by Food Service (+ 14%) and retail (2 to 3%).

"Sweden is now beginning to approach belonging to the exclusive group of countries in the world that have crossed the magic limit of 10 percent for the eco-share."
- Cecilia Ryegård, chief analyst at Ekoweb.

The health trend and an increased awareness among the consumer in combination with marketing and increased availability are stated to be key factors behind the increase in sales.

In order to maintain a growing eco-share in the long term, it is necessary that the government's investment in ecological is followed up and implemented (read more about it here). In addition, we see that the grocery trade in collaboration with food producers and organic farming can continue to play an important role.