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Superfood oil flavored with basil and garlic

Camelina of Sweden launches a flavored oil

The new flavoring marries nicely with the mild, nutty notes found naturally in our original oil. This creates a modern and highly aromatic flavor picture with hints of pepper from basil and umami from garlic that is excellent on salad, in sauces and dressings, for frying and roasting with or on the grill.

Today, the company byRanch, which is behind Camelina oil, is the only one in Sweden that grows oilseed rape, a hardy cultural plant. Camelina of Sweden is a natural superfood loaded with important nutrients such as omega-3 and vitamin E. The oil can be heated up to 245 degrees C without losing its flavor or health benefits.

Visit Camelina of Sweden of Eko-Portalen.see and get in touch or read more about the new oil on their website