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TÖRST fixes the organic Christmas must

Of course, it is possible to get a Christmas atmosphere too Eko-Portalen. The latest company to join is TÖRST which are hyper-current with their unique Christmas must - the only organic that is produced in Sweden!

On TÖRSTs website it says that Ludvig Brydolf is responsible for the production, but after talking to him it becomes clear that he has many bottles in the air - he has contact with customers, pulls in and delivers and keeps in touch with organizations such as Äkta Vara and Fairtrade.

The weeks before Christmas are of course the highlight of the sale of TÖRSTs Real Christmas must. Unlike the vast majority of Christmas must sold in Sweden, REAL JUMUST does not contain synthetic flavorings or preservatives. The taste also differs slightly from other Christmas must in that the concentrate that is otherwise used in the bulk Christmas must is not included in the game. The company that owns the recipe for the extract does not want to share what it contains and thus such Christmas must can not be labeled as organic, which is based on openness about which ingredients and spices are included in the product. Of course, the Christmas must contains barley malt for the right fullness, but it also includes perhaps more unexpected ingredients such as black currants, lingonberries and licorice root.

TÖRST has had a flying start since the company was founded in Midsummer 2020. Today it delivers to over 400 customers spread across the country and also has some customers in Copenhagen, Oslo and Helsinki. These are mainly restaurants, cafés, bakeries and shops that have a strong commitment to sustainably produced food - natural, organic and fair. Nearest retailer or place of service can be found here.

Att TÖRST wants to be involved and drive ecologically forward, Ludvig sees as a matter of course:

- We have started TÖRST because we want to be able to offer good products that are also sustainably produced, that do not harm or exploit anyone in the value chain and that can be enjoyed with a clear conscience. We are happy to see such a strong demand for honest and natural food without cheating and hope to inspire other players to follow suit.

More about TÖRSTs range can be found on their website or on their company page at Eko-Portalen.