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Väddö Eldost - A Swedish organic variant of halloumi

In recent years, the Cypriot halloumi has become an increasingly common feature on the grill. The increased interest from consumers meant that Swedish small-scale dairies began to make their own varieties of cheese based on Swedish milk. One of these dairies is Väddö Gårdsmejeri which for just over two years has seen a marked increase in sales of its organic and KRAV-marked "electric cheese".

Väddö Gårdsmejeri is located in Roslagen north of Stockholm and has been run by the Edlund family for over a hundred years. Today they have about 60 cows on their organic farm which is also KRAV-certified. The milk is not only cheese but also various hard cheeses, softer Camembert-type cheeses and burger cheddar. The latter product - burger cheddar - has been praised for its fantastic taste and narrow properties and for being unique in its kind. This is the first Swedish-made organic burger cheddar!

In addition to cheeses have Väddö Gårdsmejeri made himself known for his ice cream which has clear influences from Italian gelato. At present, they have eight flavors that come in both half-liter packaging for consumers and in five-liter trays for restaurants and shops.

Brief facts about Väddö Gårdsmejeri
Run by: Hasse & Yvonne Edlund with daughters Elin and Cecilia
Focus: Farm dairy and cheese making
Uniqueness: Organic cheese and burger cheddar