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Who was Alf Spångberg?

One of the companies on Eko-Portalen is Lindroos Hälsa. As the name suggests, they are a pioneer in health food and a large part of the range is also organic. 

One of their products is Alf Spångberg's health porridge, which does not actually contain oatmeal, but instead quinoa, amaranth and other gluten-free nutrients. Simon Lindroos says that Alf Spångberg was a pioneer for his time in health food and vegan food. He was a trained doctor and worked, among other things, at a health home called Föllingegården. During the 90s, he led a study on rheumatism at Karolinska in Sthlm on the effect of diet on rheumatism. Based on that study and with contacts with Olle Andersson, Simon's grandfather, they developed Alf Spångberg's Health Porridge which was designed especially for people with rheumatism.

After selling various types of porridge for several decades, including Alf Spångberg's variant, Simon can state that the classic oatmeal porridge dominates even though there are several alternatives. Simon believes that the Swede has become accustomed to a package of oatmeal not costing as many kronor, as most other, more advanced, porridge varieties do. 

- But the trend continues towards a more conscious consumer who in time will understand the benefits of a porridge with more nutrients, fiber, fat and protein than what is found in the usual oatmeal, says Simon.

Grocery stores can most easily order Alf Spångbergs Hälsogröt and other products from Lindroos Hälsa through one of the wholesalers EVD or Biofood. On Eko-Portalen a selection of the products from Lindroos Hälsa.

Brief facts about Lindroos Hälsa

Driven by: Mats, Barbro and Simon Lindroos. Mat's father, Olle Andersson, founded Naturprodukter in the 40s, which today has the name Lindroos Hälsa.

Focus: Foods and products that actually make a difference in people's everyday lives, mainly in gluten-free, diabetes, skin care and organic foods.
Uniqueness: One of the few family businesses that still exists in this industry. But even several of the products we deliver are completely unique. In the spring of 2022, for example, they will come up with a new product called SoftBake, which is a world novelty in gluten-free baking. 

The family business Lindroos Hälsa