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Warbro Kvarn gives old wheat varieties new life!

The family business Warbro Kvarn is located in the heart of Sörmland with cultivations of cultural cereals such as spelled, naked oats, buckets and unicorns in the immediate area.

The raw material for Kvarnen is grown by about twenty certified growers in Sörmland and Mälardalen. The flour that is delivered to quality-conscious bakers and confectioners is ground on real stone mills. And their flakes are cold pressed instead of steamed.

Warbro Kvarn is a clear example of a company that has succeeded in bringing new energy to an established segment where the focus has long been on standardized quality and price. For some time now, however, we have noticed a shift - more restaurants, bakers, confectioners and home bakers are now demanding grain with a richer taste and nutritional content, preferably organic and KRAV-marked.

Brief facts about Warbro Kvarn
Run by: Thomas and Kerstin Björklund
Focus: Cultivation and processing of organic grain
Uniqueness: Flour on cultured cereals