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Bärta® helbit raw & natural

Bärta® is tempeh on sprouted yellow peas. Nutty umami taste, the mild sweetness of the peas and a wonderful chewing resistance do BÄRTA® to a perfect main ingredient in everything from tacos to goulash. BÄRTA® Whole piece Raw Natural is an unpasteurized whole piece that can be mixed into minced meat, broken into pot pieces or cut into slices and fried as is.

Nutritional value per 100g
Energy 490 kJ / 120 kcal, Fat 2.6 g, of which: saturated fat 1,2 g, monounsaturated fat 0,7 g, polyunsaturated fat 0,6 g, Carbohydrate 7,9, of which: sugars 6,7 g, Fiber 8,7, 11 g, Protein 0,1 g, Salt XNUMX g

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Bärta® Helbit Raw Natural, 880 g - EAN: 07350102800019

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food service
Private Label

Basic information

EAN: 7350102800026


1 - Blekinge

3 - EU ECO

3 - Made in Sweden

Certifications: EU-EKO

4 - Food service

4 - Retail

2 - For export

2 - Within Sweden

Region: Blekinge

Pack size: 360 grams

Packaging unit (1)

Packaging: Consumer packaging

Produced in: Sweden

Shipping Information

For export: Yes

In Sweden: Yes


BÄRTA® Swedish yellow peas*


pickling culture

starter culture - Rhizopus oryzae (contains SOYA**)

* Organic ingredient

** Soybean is used in the production of the starter culture. To 880 grams BÄRTA® Helbit Raw & Natural we use approx. 0.1 gram starter culture.

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