Natessen's Cashew R& S Ras El Hanout ECO 200g'
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Cashew R& S Ras El Hanout ECO 200g

Organic Cashews with the taste of Ras El Hanout

The cashew nut originated in Brazil, but today it is mainly grown in tropical areas in Southeast Asia and Africa. The cashew nut is exclusive because only one nut, or drupe, is formed for each pear-shaped so-called false fruit. Enjoy our Cashew Ras El Hanout!

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1. Versatile flavor profile: Ras el hanout provides a harmonious flavor profile with both sweetness and spiciness. You can expect a balance of earthy notes and a subtle heat, making these Cashew Ras El Hanout perfect for those seeking a taste experience beyond the ordinary.

2. Exotic touch: The ras el hanout seasoning adds an exotic touch to the cashews, making them an exciting delicacy that's perfect for diversifying your snacking repertoire.

3. Appetizers at parties: Cashew Ras El Hanout is an excellent snack at parties and gatherings. They will definitely impress your guests with their unusual and tempting taste.

4. Perfect balance between sweetness and heat: The sweet and spicy taste of ras el hanout perfectly complements the natural sweetness of the cashews. It is a harmonious balance between sweetness and heat that makes the taste buds rejoice.

5. Healthy snack: Cashews are naturally rich in protein and healthy fats, making them a healthy snack that energizes and fills you up.

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