Natessen's Chili Cross Jalapeno Green ECO 1kg'
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Chili powder Jalapeno Green ECO 1kg

Chili pepper Jalapeno Green

Jalapeno Chilis originated in southern Mexico and owes its name to the city of Jalapa in Veracruz. Jalapenos have become the most popular type of chili in Europe thanks to their fruity spiciness and versatile uses. The prolific plant forms up to 9 cm long, very juicy fruits with clearly rounded tips. The unripe fruits are mostly green and turn bright red when ripe. The spicy Jalapeno Chili is usually between 5 - 000 Scoville, depending on maturity, cultivation and processing. 
Jalapenos are particularly popular in Tex-Mex cuisine and should not be missing from any of these dishes. Jalapenos harmonize perfectly with cheese, in meat dishes such as chili con carne or goulash, in BBQ sauces or in homemade wraps.

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