Natessen's Dates Medjool Jumbo 2000g RAW&EKO'
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Dates Medjool Jumbo 2000g RAW&ECO

A little about medjool dates

The Medjool date is the finest and meatiest of the dates, and a real treat to put in your mouth.

How should I treat my medjool dates? And how should they be eaten?

They have a thick, but often soft texture compared to other dates and they taste sweet like honey. Rumor has it that whoever has once tasted these dates, never wants to eat any other date again. They should be stored cold for best shelf life, a temperature of around 10 degrees is good. However, they should be eaten at room temperature for the right aroma to emerge. Medjool dates can be eaten as is, as a snack on the go, or used in drinks, creams, baked goods and cooking. They are also beautiful to use as a decoration for food. Dates are a real powerhouse and Medjool dates taste royal, just like a praline!

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