Eguale's Eguale Chocolate Dipped Coffee Beans'
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Eguale Chocolate dipped coffee beans

Eguale Chocolate-dipped coffee beans are crispy, whole coffee beans, surrounded by a thick layer of white, dark or milk chocolate.

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food service
Private Label

Basic information

EAN: 7392736089262

5 - Eguale

3 - EU ECO

Certifications: EU-EKO

4 - Food service

4 - Industry

4 - Retail

2 - For export

2 - Within Sweden

1 - Västra Götaland

Region: Västra Götaland

Pack size: 100

Packing unit (Gram)

Packaging: Consumer packaging

Produced in: Switzerland

Shipping Information

For export: Yes

In Sweden: Yes


Milk chocolate 22% (raw cane sugar

powdered milk

cocoa butter

cocoa mass

hazelnut paste

vanilla extract)

dark chocolate 22% (cocoa mass

Mascobado whole cane sugar

cocoa powder)

white chocolate 21% (cocoa butter

raw cane sugar

roasted coffee beans 10%

thickener: gum arabic

honey. Milk chocolate at least 33% cocoa

white chocolate at least 32% cocoa

dark chocolate at least 70% cocoa.

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