Here we publish information about our own events as well as updates on events related to the organic food market. 

Upcoming events – 2024

Biofach: February 13-16, Nuremberg

The world's largest industry eco-fair. Buyers and thousands of exhibitors of organic products gather at Biofach. Also a series of interesting lectures and panel discussions about challenges and opportunities in eco-production and market. 

The earlier you book your entrance ticket to Biofach, the cheaper it will be. Enter here to book a ticket. Contact the fair's representative in Sweden, Trade Fair Agency,, for more info about BIOFACH 2024 or to get a favorable offer on hotel rooms. Read more at

We at Organic Sweden will also be on site at Biofach to give talks and participate in meetings with our members and our international network. However, we do not have our own stand this time.

Organic Market Day: March 21, Stockholm

In connection with the release of the Ecological Annual Report, offers Organic Sweden, KRAV, Ekologiska Lantbrukarna and Ekomatcentrum to a full day about the Swedish organic market. We welcome everyone in the eco industry to take part in a day of fact-packed figures and inspiring lectures. The event takes place in Filmhuset at Gärdet i Stockholm.

here you can Register and read more about the Organic Market Day.

Nordic Organic Food Fair (NOFF): 9-10 October, Stockholm

Scandinavia's largest industry eco-fair. After a number of years in Malmö, NOFF is now moving to Kistamässan i Stockholm. In previous years, the fair was usually visited by 3000-4000 visitors per year. In addition to exhibitors from Sweden and other parts of the world, several interesting panel discussions and seminars are also arranged.

Check out if you want to know more about the fair. Contact Anna Knight at Diversified if you are interested in exhibiting at NOFF 2024.

Previous events - 2023

Launch of the Ecological Annual Report - March 16, Digital and i Stockholm

At 9-10.30 we invite you to the launch of the Organic Annual Report - a report that summarizes all organic sales in 2022.
The launch takes place both digitally and physically in Gröna Näringslivet's house, with a limited number of places for physical participation. We listen to the results of the unique statistics and hear voices from the industry give their insights about the eco market. 

Kickoff for EKO-september 2023 – May 3, digital

Now we prepare for EKO-september 2023 – the recurring campaign for organic food and drink in Sweden. The campaign month when we together raise the profits with organic and KRAV-marked.

Eco food league - 30 May, Stockholm

Ekomatcentrum organizes the Ekomatsligan, where the public kitchens are praised for their eco-commitment and eco-purchasing. Opportunity for food companies to exhibit and make contacts. Read more here.

Nordic Organic Food Fair - 15-16 November Malmö

The Nordics' largest trade fair for organic food & drink. Organic Sweden exhibits with stand through Eko-Portalen, For those who want to exhibit with their own there is more to read here.

Ecological future day - December 14

Our annual event where we both go in-depth, and paint with broad brushstrokes, around the Swedish eco-market. More information will be sent in a separate invitation.


Previous events - 2022

CANCELED! Agricultural Fair Green Week January 21-30, 2022, Berlin   
Read more here. 

CANCELED! Ekogalan - January 26, Stockholm
Read more here.

Launch of the report Swedish Eco Market - 25 February 
Together with Ekologiska Lantbrukarna and several other industry players, we present how the organic food market developed in 2021. Key figures for the industry as a whole and in-depth dives by a number of companies are presented, and the presentation of new consumer insights is to be expected. The event is held digitally. 

Kick-off for EKO-september - March 24

In September draws EKO-september started for the fourth year in a row and already now you can start preparing! March 24 at 8.30-9.30 a digital kick-off will be held where this year's "toolbox" will be presented with campaign material for stores, print and social media. The kick-off is mainly aimed at the grocery trade and food processors, but all interested parties are welcome.

Annual meeting for Organic Sweden - April 20, digital
Invitation to Organic Swedens members will go out six weeks before the meeting. Prior to the annual meeting, there is an opportunity to submit motions.

Ecological Future Day - May 24, Lovö vicarage, Stockholm & digital
Annual conference where we bring together farmers, food producers, trade and researchers to discuss issues related to the organic market.

The eco days - July 10-11, Marstrand
Ekologiska Lantbrukarnas events to exchange experiences and knowledge. This year's theme is peasant power. Even those who are not members of Ekologiska Lantbrukarna has the opportunity to exhibit to make contacts with organic farmers and other players in the organic food market.

Biofach - 26-29 July, Nuremberg 
Biofach is usually held in February, but in 2022 the fair has been moved to July due to the Corona pandemic.
World-leading trade fair for organic products that brings together producers and buyers from all over the world. Parts of the fair, including lectures, can also be followed virtually.

EU Organic Day – 23 September
This day has been established by the European Commission, the European Parliament and the European Council to celebrate and push for increased organic production throughout the EU. In Sweden, a number of activities also take place in different regions. The activities are aimed at the industry and require registration, so take care before the registration period expires for each event.

- Eco day i Skåne

- Eco day i Blekinge 

- Eco day i Kalmar county

- Eco day on Gotland

- Eco day i Östergötland

- Eco Day in Uppland

- Eco day with a focus on legumes and grains in Gävleborg

Nordic Organic Food Fair - 16-17 November, Malmö

The Nordics' largest fair for organic food usually gathers around 200-300 exhibitors and attracts 3000-5000 visitors. Opportunities to meet buyers and producers from the Nordics and the rest of the world. At the fair, a number of seminars, lectures and award ceremonies related to the organic food market are also given. Organic Sweden will have its own stand with a focus on Eko-Portalen. More information and registration for visitors and exhibitors can be done here:

Breakfast seminar on Eko-Portalen and the Scanian eco-market – 17 November, Malmö

In conjunction with Nordic Organic Food Fair we organize a breakfast seminar with a focus on the Scanian eco-market and Eko-Portalen. The activity is primarily aimed at those who work with the production and/or purchase of organic food in Skåne. For those of you who cannot attend on site, the breakfast seminar is also broadcast live via our YouTube channel:


Previous events - 2021

November 17-18, Nordic Organic Food Fair (NOFF)
NOFF is the largest organically certified food and beverage fair in the Nordic region. With about 500 exhibiting companies and 5000 visitors is Nordic Organic Food Fair the most important platform to make new contacts and increase your sales. Book a stand as an exhibitor or register as a visitor here.

October 28, Ecological Future Day by Organic Sweden and KRAV
We plan together with KRAV and Ekologiska Lantbrukarna for Organic Future Day - our annual conference where we gather farmers, food producers, trade and researchers to discuss issues related to the organic market. More information will come in September. This year, too, the conference will be completely digital.


September 16, Launch of Organic Swedens Eco-Portal

Organic Sweden has developed a new digital portal to promote the sale and export of organic and KRAV-marked food and drink. Eko-Portalen is aimed at buyers - both in Sweden and internationally - who want to discover the diversity of organic foods that exist in our country. During the development work, our industry colleagues in Denmark, Organic Denmark, which already has a similar portal, shared their insights and lessons learned.

We now invite everyone who is interested to know more about Eko-Portalen to a digital launch event on 16 September at 15.00-16.30. 

September, EKO-September
Now pulling EKO-september launched for the third year in a row - Sweden's broadest campaign for organic food. Together with Ekologiska Lantbrukarna, Sweden's Consumers and KRAV we will highlight the campaign in social media, in ads, on store shelves and out at ekologiska lantbrukarna. Here you can read about the activities which will take place during the campaign month EKO-september in 2021.

On September 1, we will also launch our EU-funded campaign under the name Feel the Calm. The campaign has its own concept, but it will in both message, color and form support the work done within EKO-september.