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Guar seed flour ECO

Guar seed flour ECO
(Cyamopsis tetragonolobas)

Origin of our guar gum: India

Contains no sulfites.

Guar gum has E number E412.

Allergy information: Not suitable for those who cannot tolerate peas and legumes, eg peanuts and beans.

Food quality.

Guar gum is a gluten-free thickener and stabilizer extracted from the seeds of Guar, an annual legume. Guar is originally believed to be derived from a wild West African species, Cyamopsis senegalensis. The Sanskrit word "Gauahar" means cow-fodder and is probably its origin. Guar gum has been used as an ingredient in the Swedish Pharmacopoeia and sold in pharmacies. It usually grows between 50-100 cm tall, but can reach up to 3 meters in height with 30-90 pods.

Guar gum has been cultivated for hundreds of years in India and Pakistan. Our guar gum comes from India and has a neutral smell and taste. The flour is used as a thickener and stabilizer that is completely gluten-free and can be used instead of gluten. In addition, guar gum reduces the occurrence of ice crystals in ice cream and has good stability in solutions with a pH between 3-7. Guar gum contains carbohydrates but has no calories to speak of, so it can be used by those who want to reduce carbohydrates in their diet.

A normal dosage is 3-5 grams of guar gum per liter. If you want to use it together with chickpea flour, which also has binding properties, you can use 1 dl of guar kernel flour to 10 dl of chickpea flour. Guar gum has about 8 times as good a thickening effect as corn flour. It is also possible to use guar kernel flour in deliciously creamy sauces, soft breads and home-made creams. There are also recipes for making huge giant soap bubbles with guar gum.

Before internal use of guar seed meal, it is important to note that it can affect the absorption of medicines. In addition, it should never be taken up dry, as it can swell already in the esophagus. It is recommended to mix guar seed meal with liquid and allow it to swell outside the gastrointestinal tract. Large doses of guar gum can also act as a laxative as it has been used as a bulking agent for many years.

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