Shop organically

Together it happens

"Shop organic - together it happens" is a three-year project that spreads knowledge about what you get and contribute to when you choose organic. Within the project, new innovative methods are being developed that will help grocery stores highlight and create attention around the organic alternatives. Behind the investment is Organic Sweden and the organic industry organizations Pro Luomo in Finland, Bionext in the Netherlands and BioForum in Belgium. The project is financed to most of the EU. 

Many thanks to our co-financiers who support the project: Arla Foods, Dava Foods (Country eggs), Saltå Kvarn, Swedish Temptations (Carried) and Säljprofilen AB (Smakis). Is your organization interested in participating in or supporting the project? Get in touch and we can tell you more. Other questions, thoughts and ideas about how we can get more people to choose eco are also welcome!

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