Natessen's Ground almond flour (Chufa flour) ECO'
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Ground almond flour (Chufa flour) ECO

Peanut flour vegan and gluten-free

Biology and cultivation
Ground almond (also known internationally as tigernut or chufa) is a semi-grass that has nutritious and tasty root nodules. It has a tuft-like growth pattern and grows 40-50 cm high. There are many varieties of ground almonds and some can be grown in Sweden. They are frost-sensitive and rarely overwinter if you cannot store the plants frost-free. The flowers, which are irregular in size, are green or yellowish. The ground almonds are planted in April-May and harvested in late autumn. For more information on cultivation see

Ground almond is a very old cultivated plant, documented already 4000 years ago in Egypt. This makes it one of the oldest known cultivated crops in the world. It is said to have come to Spain around AD 700. and is now grown there commercially, especially in the area around Valencia. Cultivation also occurs in North Africa and in the USA, Mexico and parts of Asia.

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