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Cocoa butter Wafers - Pellets RAW ECO

100% raw cocoa butter from the Pangoa collective in Peru
From Peru comes this really fine cocoa butter that has been gently pressed from raw cocoa beans. The butter has the special characteristic of real raw cocoa butter that makes it melt a little slower, solidify faster and have a more distinct fatty flavor.

Cocoa butter for chocolate making
Cocoa butter, or cocoa fat, is a white mass found inside the cocoa bean that can be cold-pressed and used to make chocolate. The cocoa beans, which give rise to the cocoa butter, grow on the cocoa tree (Theobroma cacao) and originally come from Central and South America, but since the colonization of the globe are also cultivated in Africa, Asia and other tropical parts of the world. The Netherlands is the country that imports the most cocoa beans and exports the most cocoa butter. Although chocolate is associated with something brown, cocoa butter is white just like regular butter. It is used to give structure, flavor and aroma to chocolate.

The fats in cocoa butter
Cocoa butter can be used in cosmetics, soaps, lotions and skin care products. Cocoa butter is a good and expensive fat. Therefore, many chocolate producers replace the cocoa butter with cheaper vegetable fats. However, chocolate where more than 5 percent of the product's final weight has been replaced with other fat may not be called ?chocolate? according to an EU directive. Good quality chocolate never replaces any of the cocoa fat.

Cocoa butter as skin care
In the treatment of skin problems, such as eczema, cocoa butter can be used because it creates a barrier between the damaged skin and the outside world. Cocoa butter is claimed to be good as a moisturizer as it helps the skin stay soft and supple. Cocoa butter has its melting point at human body temperature and can therefore be easily absorbed by the skin. If you have oily skin, cocoa butter is usually not a good idea, because the fat then clogs the pores. Dry skin on the elbows, for example, benefits more from the butter. The cocoa butter can also provide a good base for soaps, which then lather well with large bubbles.

During pregnancy, cocoa butter can be used to prevent and treat stretch marks that often form. But even among non-pregnant women, massage with cocoa butter/oil has become popular.

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