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Cinnamon Ceylon ECO

The original and "real" cinnamon from Sri Lanka!
Cinnamon's name comes from the Italian canella, which means small pipe. The little tube of course denotes the shape of the pieces of bark from the cinnamon tree that curl up as they dry. Now, it's not like the Italians are the biggest consumers of cinnamon. Rather, it is the Mexicans, who like to mix cinnamon with chocolate. But even in the Middle East, cinnamon is used extensively, in everything from chicken and lamb dishes to sweets and drinks.

However, Americans prefer cinnamon in their breakfast cereal. However, cinnamon has its origins further away, namely in Southeast Asia. The type of cinnamon that goes by the Latin name Cinnamomum verum, true cinnamon - which is also considered to be precisely the original cinnamon - has its roots in Sri Lanka. It is lighter in color (and more expensive) than one of the more common Indonesian cinnamons in stores, Cinnamomum burmannii, or the Chinese cassia cinnamon, Cinnamomum aromaticum. In addition, Ceylon cinnamon, Cinnamomum zeylanicum (which is the same as verum), contains very low levels of coumarin, the toxin found in other types of cinnamon. The Sri Lankan cinnamon sticks are brittle, as the bark consists of several thin layers. From these bars you can make your own powder. Other varieties are harder and coarser, and do not yield to a smaller coffee grinder. However, this variant of Sri Lankan cinnamon that we offer here is already finely ground!

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