Natessen's Cinnamon Stick Ceylon 100g ME'
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Cinnamon stick Ceylon 100g ME

Cinnamon stick Ceylon

We source our cinnamon from the Cortex Cinnamomi Zeylanici tree in Sri Lanka and it is the true cinnamon that is most sought after. However, it is important to distinguish it from cassia cinnamon, which is much cheaper but contains high levels of coumarin, a toxic substance that is not found in Ceylon cinnamon. This makes Ceylon cinnamon a safer choice.

The cinnamon sticks are made by peeling the bark from the tree, rolling it up and drying it. Ceylon cinnamon has a thinner bark and a lighter color than cassia cinnamon. The difference between the flavors is also noticeable; ceylon cinnamon has a fruity taste that may differ from the classic cassia cinnamon that many are used to. It is important to handle cinnamon with care, especially cassia cinnamon, because of its high levels of coumarin.

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