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Kelp powder raw eco 125g

Kombu is a type of brown algae that grows rapidly in shallow, nutrient-rich waters in coastal regions. Some species can grow as tall as 80 meters, making it easy to harvest and use for a variety of purposes.

Kelp is also a source of alginate, a thickener used in the food industry to create a creamier texture in ice cream, jam and toothpaste.

There are several ways to use kelp powder. It can be sprinkled over salads or soups to give a lovely sea taste or used as a spice in cooking. It's easy to mix half to a teaspoon of kelp powder into a smoothie for a dose of algae. Kelp can also be used as an alternative to salt in stir-fries to give a light sea flavor, which can be particularly good when cooking sushi or tuna.

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