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Licorice root powder ME ECO 100g

Licorice is a popular flavor that comes from a plant called licorice root, a member of the pea family with the scientific name Glycyrrhiza glabra. This bushy plant can grow up to 1-2 meters high and is common in eastern and southern Europe, Asia, France and Germany. Licorice root has been cultivated in Europe since the 1200th century, but the root must grow for at least three years before it can be harvested.

The licorice root extract is used as a base for many products, including sweets, beverages, pharmaceuticals and tobacco. Licorice has a characteristic taste that can vary between sweet and salty. Licorice consumption is high in Sweden, with an average consumption of around 1 kilo per person per year, which is more than in other parts of Europe. Despite its popularity, it is still unclear why licorice has such a strong effect on northerners, but it is known to be one of our oldest and most widely used flavors.

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