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Lollytop - Zotter

A colorful lollipop made of pure chocolate.

Lollytop is the first club that is completely organic and fair trade. Sweet packaging with colors that capture the taste of the contents.

20 gram.

Zotter has a holistic approach that is good for both people and the environment. Fair, Organic and “Bean to Bar”.

Many different flavors, including these:

  • Almond Mouse - almond
  • Coconut Monkey - Coconut
  • Milk Hedgehog - milk chocolate
  • Strawberry Bunny - Strawberry
  • Raspberry Unicorn - Raspberry

this company delivers:

food service
Private Label

Basic information

3 - EU ECO

Certifications: EU-EKO

4 - Food service

4 - Private labels

4 - Retail

2 - For export

2 - Within Sweden

5 - Lindroos Hälsa

1 - Stockholm

Region: Stockholm

Pack size: 20 grams

Shipping Information

For export: Yes

In Sweden: Yes


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