Natessen's Lucuma powder raw eco 250g'
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Lucuma powder raw eco 250g

Natural toffee!
Lúcuma is the delicate fruit of a subtropical tree that grows high among the mountain peaks of the Andes - mainly in Peru, but also in Ecuador and Chile. The extremely hardy trees thrive at an altitude of up to 2 meters and can be over 400 years old and still bear fruit. Lúcuman already had great cultural significance for the ancient Incas, who used it both as food, currency and for spiritual purposes. The fruit was considered very valuable and was already called Inca gold in antiquity. And it's not that hard to understand why. Underneath the inconspicuous greenish-yellow skin of the Lúcuma fruit hides a real treasure of taste. The delicious golden-yellow flesh has a smooth and rich, syrup-like aroma that is excellent as a flavoring agent and natural sweetener in ice cream, smoothies, baked goods and desserts, among other things.

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