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Our organic food spelled are ground spelled kernels. Boil for about 20 minutes and enjoy a softer texture on the core compared to when you cook whole kernels. You can, for example, cook the grains in broth, together with vegetables or make a "Dinkelotto" (recipes are available on our website).

What is Dinkel?

Spelled / Spelled wheat is an approximately 5000 year old variety. We grow the autumn-sown original varieties "Steiner's root tyrols" and "Oberkulmer root grains", and the spring-sown "Gotlandsdinkel" which has ears with bristles. You can sow spelled both in spring and autumn. The cores are embedded in a thick shell, which protects against, for example, air pollution. It must be peeled before you can grind it, as with grains and buckets. Nutritionally, real spelled differs from wheat in a couple of important points: higher protein content, different gluten quality and higher energy and mineral content in spelled than in wheat. The proportion of useful fatty acids is also higher. The flour gives a full-bodied aroma with good taste and can replace wheat in all pastries.

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Basic information

3 - EU ECO

3 - KRAV

3 - Made in Sweden

Certifications: EU-EKO and KRAV

4 - Food service

4 - Industry

4 - Retail

2 - For export

2 - Within Sweden

1 - Södermanland

5 - Warbro Kvarn

Region: Södermanland

Pack size: 1,25 kg, 5 kg and 25 kg

Produced in: Sweden

Shipping Information

For export: Yes

In Sweden: Yes


Ground kernels of spelt

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