Join Organic Sweden

Organic Sweden is the industry organization for everyone who wants to push for increased production and consumption of organic food in Sweden.

 Organic Sweden was formed in 2015 by a large number of companies and organizations that all demanded one platform for players in the organic market - an organization that drives the transition to a more sustainable food production based on the ecological principles. 

 At present, we have around 100 members throughout the food chain - agricultural companies, food companies, wholesalers and grocery retailers - working together to increase sales and exports of organic food and beverages. Our members include other organizations that also work to disseminate knowledge about organic foods and organic farming as Ekologiska Lantbrukarna, KRAV and Naturskyddsföreningen. In addition, Organic Sweden members of IFOAM - the global umbrella organization for ecological organizations. 

 Our vision is that organic should be an important tool in Sweden for the transition to a food production that is sustainable in the long term - both for humans, animals and the planet. Our goals are for 30 percent of agricultural land and 60 percent of food in the public sector to be organic by 2030, and that we will then have reached an eco-share of 20 percent of food sales and an eco-export of SEK 2 billion. 

 We want more members! Because the more we are, the greater opportunity we have to influence the debate, push the issues that are important to all actors in the eceno market in Sweden - whether it's about joint campaigns, export ventures or other advocacy work. 

Membership benefits

As a member of Organic Sweden do you seem to:

  • Increase the commitment, the knowledge and sales of organic food and drink  
  • Create conditions for increased exports of organic food from Sweden through the joint export initiatives that Organic Sweden participates in 
  • Accelerate the transition to more sustainable food production and increased food preparedness based on the ecological principles - health, ecology, justice and care 
  • Give the organic food market a strong voice in the public debate and in the dialogue with the government and authorities about the conditions of the industry
  • Improve monitoring and reporting of the development of the organic food market in Sweden and internationally

As a member of Organic Sweden you get:

  • Participate in and influence joint ventures for increased sales and exports, such as campaigns, export fairs and conferences
  • Environmental monitoring and trend scouting on topics related to the development of the organic food market via a member-exclusive newsletter
  • Invitations to skills-enhancing seminars, for example on how to communicate the benefits with organic to different target groups
  • Invitations to member meetings where we discuss current issues related to challenges, opportunities and trends in the market for organic food and drink
  • Advice on how investments in organic can strengthen your company sustainability work
  • Discounted price on Eko-Portalen - the platform that connects organic food companies with buyers in Sweden and internationally
  • Invitation to Ecological Future Day, Organic Swedens annual conference

Membership fees 2024

Price list for membership in Organic Sweden

CompanyMembership feeService charge*Total

Sales <SEK 5 million

500 kr

1250 kr

1 750 SEK

Sales SEK 5 - 15 million

500 kr

2000 kr

2 500 SEK

Sales SEK 15 - 25 million

500 kr

5 500 SEK

6 000 SEK

Sales SEK 25 - 50 million

500 kr

9 500 SEK

10 000 SEK

Sales SEK 50 - 100 million

500 kr

14 500 SEK

15 000 SEK

Sales> SEK 100 million

500 kr

30 000 SEK

30 500 SEK 

* 25% VAT is added

Find new sales channels for your organic products!

 In the wake of the corona crisis, many food producers have lost their primary customers - restaurants, cafes, hotels and conference facilities. Due to this development has Organic Sweden took the initiative to develop a portal that will help companies find new sales channels. the purpose with Eko-Portalen is to promote the production and consumption of organic and KRAV-labeled products and raw materials by connecting your producers with potential buyers in and outside Sweden. 

 What do our members say? 

“In our neighboring country Denmark, almost all eco-companies are members of Organic Denmark. If we gather in Sweden in the same way, we will get through Organic Sweden a platform for collaboration - not least around campaigns such as EKO-september. Our opportunities to make a big impact increase if we are more like campaigns together. To Organic Sweden has developed a campaign toolbox and strategy for communicating all added value around the organic food and drink we think of Saltå Kvarn is very valuable. ”

- Jonas Regner, Saltå Kvarn

“If we are to meet our environmental challenges, the climate footprint of food must be reduced and this is something we all need to contribute to. The importance of cooperating organic food producers is greater than ever, and Organic Sweden does a valuable job of representing us all. ”

- Jens Fylkner, Malmö Chokladfabrik

"Eko-Portalen really fills a need to gather and showcase all the talented organic producers in Sweden who work every day for better food for humans and the planet. This is obviously something we at Bärta want to be a part of! ”

- Pia Qvarnström, BÄRTA

“For us on Korvhantverk felt Eko-Portalen as a total matter of course to participate in, because we often hear from our customers how difficult it is to find good Swedish organic food. All products are gathered here in one place! Brilliant!"

- Catarina Randow, Korvhantverk

“The meeting place Eko-Portalen provides opportunities that a small business might otherwise only dream of. Now, literally, the whole world is open to our products. ”

- Jesper Lindström, Tistelvind

“For us as exporters of organic cheese, it was a very easy choice to join Eko-Portalen. Every buyer who is interested in Swedish organic cheese will end up there when they search and find: Us. ”  

- Thomas Berglund, Almnäs Bruk