The members of Organic Sweden participates and cooperates for increased sales and exports of organic and KRAV-labeled foods. Do you also want to become a member? Read more here.

Sweden Organic's digital platform provides opportunities that a small company can otherwise only dream of. Now, literally, the whole world is open in front of our products. Read more...

Jesper Lindstrom

Eko-Portalen really fills a need to gather and showcase all the talented organic producers in Sweden who work every day for better food for humans and the planet. This is of course something we at Bärta want to be a part of! Read more....

Pia Qvarnström

For us on Korvhantverk felt Eko-Portalen as a total matter of course to participate in, because we often hear from our customers how difficult it is to find good Swedish organic food. All products are gathered here in one place! Brilliant! Read more...

Catherine Randow

For us as exporters of organic cheese, it was a very easy choice to join Eko-Portalen. Every buyer who is interested in Swedish organic cheese will end up there when they search and find: Us. Read more...

Thomas Berglund
Almnäs Bruk

If we are to meet our environmental challenges, the climate footprint of food must be reduced and this is something we all need to contribute to. The importance of cooperating organic food producers is greater than ever, and Organic Sweden does a valuable job of representing us all. Read more...

Jens Fylkner
Malmö Chokladfabrik